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Internal Lime Plaster

Plastering & Rendering

The interior and exterior of a building works in exactly the same way as our skin does, by allowing moisture to escape when we get hot, and creating a barrier safeguarding the essential internal functions from the elements. The only real way to limit the damage is to maintain your property and to use the appropriate building materials for the type of structure you own

Clay Paint Decoration

Internal Decoration

Unlike conventional solvent based paints, natural paints use renewable and biodegradable ingredients, have little or no off gassing of toxic chemicals, and have high vapour permeability allowing buildings to 'breathe' and therefore help prevent moisture build-up, salts and mould growth.


Brick & Stone Re-pointing

The renewal or replacement of pointing mortar can not be stressed highly enough; it is an essential part of building maintenance. If left unchecked it can lead to water ingress, moisture penetration and, in time, eventual failure of the building fabric. Alternatively, if incorrect or inappropriate mortar mixes are used these can also accelerate the rate of decay of the building material causing expensive repair work needing to be undertaken. Sometimes the quick fix isn't the right solution. Lime mortars are ideal in that they allow a certain degree of movement, which occurs in all buildings, allow trapped moisture to evaporate and help save the stone or brickwork fabric from spalling or deterioration.


Façade Cleaning & Paint Removal

As an 'Approved ThermaTech Operator', we have received the full,
appropriate training and induction into the safe and correct use and adjustment of the ThermaTech 'Superheated Water' system, as supplied by Restorative Techniques Limited.
The system is primarily used for the purposes of cleaning masonry surfaces and general building /memorial conservation work. Including removal of previously applied surface coatings, organic matter, traffic film, environmental pollution residues and graffiti.


Timber & Beam Cleaning

We are skilled in the use of various media to remove pitch, black paints and years of accumulated dirt on timber beams and joinery. 
Each project is completely different, so we tend to use a variety of media especially for that particular task. Sand, aluminium silicate and crushed walnut shells as examples


Limecrete Flooring

Limecrete has become a great alternative flooring in historic buildings. Cold, moisture trapping cement slabs are removed and replaced with an underfloor insulation, which is then covered with an Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) and sand slab. 
Underfloor heating can be installed between the insulation and the NHL slab, and then finished with stone flags, limestone tiles or a timber floor

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